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The Walls

The Melon House

We plan to make a new entrance to the garden in the east wall.

We also intend to build a small information centre or kiosk within the garden immediately adjacent to the entrance.  

The Peach House

Many walled gardens had dipping ponds, primarily for the gardeners to use to replenish their watering cans.  

We have plans for a circular pond, about 3.5 meters in diameter, to be constructed in the centre of the garden where the main paths meet.

Dipping Pond  

This rare and interesting  sunken building is about 200 years old and needs complete restoration.  

A polytunnel has been erected over the house to protect it and to allow the brickwork to dry out so that restoration work can begin.  The brick walls will have to be completely rebuilt and the wood and glass roof replaced.

Entrance & Visitor Centre


In addition to all the restoration work being carried out by our volunteers, there are a number of major projects which will need external help and/or finance. The main projects are described below. If you think you can help with any of these, please get in touch with us.

Raised Beds

While the whole garden will be accessible to people with restricted mobility, we aim to devote one of the main beds to people with disabilities.  

This will include raised planting areas and walkways designed for ease of access to the plants growing in the garden.

In some ways, the walls are the most enigmatic part of the garden with their varying heights and styles.  In some 250 years of use, the walls have been altered and repaired many times but the old handmade bricks, almost certainly made on or near the site, are showing signs of the ravages of time.

Work needed on the walls falls into three main areas:

* General restoration and consolidation of the brickwork

* Replacement of capping tiles and stones to protect the walls against the elements

* Re-instatement of the missing section of the west wall (about 25 metres long by 2.5 metres high).

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The old peach house, completed in 1825, was still in use in the early 1980s when it was badly damaged by fire and half of it was destroyed .  It is now derelict. One half therefore needs restoration and the other half rebuilding.

The brickwork is relatively sound but all of the woodwork and the glass needs replacing.