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Our top priorities

When we started our restoration project in January 2014, the garden was completely overgrown and derelict. The walls were covered in ivy and the ground was a mass of huge brambles, established trees and pernicious weeds.   Some of the buildings were complete ruins while others were simply in a state of disrepair. We seemed to be a long way away from our aim of restoring the site to its former glory.

After four years of hard work by our dedicated group of volunteers, the site has been transformed. All the overgrowth has been cleared away, paths have been marked out using the 1889 ordnance survey plan and lined with timber and surfaced and we have installed a watering system. Most importantly each year the garden is fully planted with vegetables and fruit and we have some fine crops.  

After so many years of decline, we have a working kitchen garden again, but there is still much to do.

We have an ambitious programme of work for the next few years as we continue our restoration work.  Click here to see an outline of the major projects.

*  Begin work on repairing and capping the garden walls

*  Build a dipping pond in the centre of the garden

*  Begin the restoration of the melon house

*  Open the garden to the public more frequently

*  Develop closer links with the other organisations who can make use of and
enjoy our garden

Most of the above priorities require external funding,
and we are always on the lookout for financial and other
support for this exciting project.  

Restoring the Walled Garden

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